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  2. Special benefits for guests

Special benefits for guests

Good news for customers using Daiichi Hotel Chichibu!

For customers using our hotel,
We have prepared various benefits.
Please use when staying.
  • Shoya Chichibu Store

    When using the pub `` Shoya''Chichibu Store on the first Shoya of our hotel from 16:30 to 24:00,
    There are two benefits when you show your room key.

    *Seats may not be available due to busy conditions.
     Other coupon discounts and dinner tickets cannot be used together.
    • 1. One drink is free!
      ・Horn highball
      ・Oolong High
      ・Green tea high
      ・Lemon sour
      ・Grapefruit sour
      ・Shochu water split
      ・Various soft drinks
      It is one cup service from the above.
    • 2. Assorted sashimi for one \ 300(Tax excluded)
      Because the fish species changes depending on the stock, it is up to you.
    • Shoya Chichibu Store

  • For riders only! Gasoline 5ℓ service ticket

    For riders staying at our hotel,
    You will receive one "5 liter gasoline service ticket".
    This service ticket can be used at three Hoshino Gas Station in Chichibu City.

    *Expiration date 1 year from the date of issue
  • APA Points

    Chichibu is the only hotel in Chichibu city where you can collect APA Points.
    Please present your membership number at check-in.
    The membership number is indicated on the APA Appli / APA Card.

    *1% reduction rate[1pt / 100 yen(Tax excluded)]
    *Points are awarded 11 days after the accommodation date.
    *Points cannot be used.

    Daiichi Hotel Chichibu is a member of APA Partner Hotels.