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Information on Surrounding Area

Introducing sightseeing spots and restaurants in the Chichibu area!

The front desk provides information about the surrounding area and sightseeing.
There are also various brochures, so please feel free to ask.

Please contact us for a plan that combines sightseeing and accommodation by taxi.

Our popular tourist spots

  • Within walking distance

    It is an introduction of sightseeing spots that can be reached in about 20 minutes on foot from our hotel.
    • Chichibu Shrine  (About 2 minutes on foot from our hotel)

      One of the The Best Three Shrines of Chichibu, it is the Chichibu shrine.

      This shrine is famous for the Chichibu Night Festival held on December 2 and 3 every year.

      The Ieyasu Tokugawa-ko is a of the building shrine, and a variety of sculpture is decorated, among them Tsunagi no Ryu, Tigers of child-raising and Fertility has been and made a master craftsman, Jingoro Hidari

      Address:1-3 Bamba Town, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture(About 2 minutes on foot from our hotel)
      Tel: 0494-22-0262
    • Chichibu Festival Hall  (About 2 minutes on foot from our hotel)

      A museum about the Chichibu Night Festival.

      There is a display of materials such as food stalls and kasaboko, and you can enjoy the powerful atmosphere of Chichibu Night Festival by making full use of 3D theater projection mapping.

      Opening Hours:From 9:00 to 16:30
      closing day:Tuesday
      Address:2-8 Bamba Town, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture(About 2 minutes on foot from our hotel)
      Tel: 0494-23-1110
    • Steam Locomotive Paleo Express  (1 minute walk from our hotel, stop at Chichibu Station)

      Steam Locomotive Paleo Express is an SL train that runs on Chichibu Railway.Focusing on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and one round trip a day between the Kumagaya Station over Mitsumineguchi Station.

      C58363 (Shigohachi Sanrokusan) used to be active in the former National Railways (current JR) in the Tohoku region and other areas.After retiring from active duty, I was at Fukiage Town Elementary School.Then, in 1987, the car revived, and in 1988 it was reborn as the Steam Locomotive Paleo Express.

      The name "Paleo" is named after the sea animal Paleoparadoxia, which inhabited the Chichibu region about 20 million years ago.

      In front of our hotel, Chichibu Railway, Chichibu Station,
      Going down (from Kumagaya to Mitsumineguchi) 12:10 to 15
      Upbound (from Mitsumineguchi to Kumagaya) Around 14:30
      Stop at

      *There is no 2020 SL operation due to the general inspection of the C58363 steam locomotive that drives the Steam Locomotive Paleo Express.
    • Mt Hitsujiyama(Sheep mountain)park  (Approximately 20 to 30 minutes walk from our hotel)

      Hitsujiyama Park is a park that has long been loved as a place for citizens to relax.

      It is also a famous place for cherry blossoms, and about 1,000 cherry blossoms such as Yoshino cherry tree and Yae cherry tree bloom in full bloom.During the Golden Week, moss phlox also blooms.It is planted by type (color), and a beautifully patterned flower carpet spreads out.

      In the park, there are also the Mt. BUKOH museum Yamato Art Museum Mt. BUKOH museum, Yamato Art Museum Mt. BUKOH museum, a facility that collects works by Shiko Munakata, and athletic, which can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

      Hitsujiyama Park is said that the sheep Hitsujiyama Park used to be called "Mt Hitsujiyama" because there was a sheep slaughterhouse in the prefecture in the past and raised sheep.Sheep are still raised on the municipal contact farm.

      Address:6267 Omiya, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture(About 20 to 30 minutes on foot from our hotel, about 10 minutes by car)
      *It is recommended that you use the railway because the flowering season will be congested.
      Tel:0494-21-2277 (Chichibu Tourism Association)
  • By car or public transportation

    • Chichibu Muse Park  (About 15 minutes by car from our hotel)

      It is a multi-purpose park in the Nagaone Hill that straddles Chichibu City and Ogano Town.
      There are cultural and sports facilities such as a music hall and outdoor stage in the park.
      In addition, you can also enjoy various nature together with each season, including the row of plums and ginkgo trees.
      You can also see the Unkai that spread in Chichibu basin would be nice is to season and weather conditions.

      ・Hill of Departure
      Chichibu can overlook Chichibu city.Chichibu City graduation song “Day of Departure” born in Chichibu City played.

      ・Ginkgo row of trees
      500 trees are planted over the sky road (3 km).
      The best time to see the yellow leaves is from late October to early November.

      Address:2518 Nagaru, Ogano Town, Chichibu County, Saitama Prefecture (About 15 minutes by car from our hotel)
      Tel: 0494-25-1315
    • Ashigakubo's icicle  (About 20 minutes by car from our hotel)

      Ashigakubo's icicle is one of the three largest icicles in Chichibu.

      Due to the cold of nature and the locals, we are making large icicles 200m wide and 30m high.The huge icicles approaching are spectacular.In addition, lighting is performed, and it is surrounded by a beautiful and fantastic atmosphere that is different from the daytime.

      In fact, you can see it from the train.When you are heading from Ikebukuro to Chichibu on the Seibu Railway, you are on the left after passing Ashigakubo Station.

      Address:Ashigakubo soldier district in Yokoze Town, Chichibu gun
         (Seibu Railway 10-minute walk from Ashigakubo Station or Road Station Ashigakubo)
      Holding time:Early January to late February
      Environmental maintenance cooperation money:¥ 300(Junior high school students and above)

      *The inside of the venue has poor feet and there is a height difference.Please go out in warm clothes that are easy to walk.
    • Hotozan Shrine  (Approximately 30 minutes by car from our hotel)

      About 2000 years ago, this shrine was established by Yamato Takeru no Mikoto is one of the The Best Three Shrines of Chichibu in The Best Three Shrines of Chichibu.

      Emperor Jimmu, Oyamazumi no Kami, and Homusubi no Kami Oyamazumi no Kami, and is a shrine for fire prevention, bandit removal, and various difficulties.

      In 2011, it was selected as one Michelin Green Guide Japan.

      Address:1828 Nagatoro, Nagatoro Town, Chichibu County, Saitama Prefecture(About 30 minutes by car from our hotel)
    • Tenku-no-Poppy (sky of poppy)  (Approximately 40 minutes by car from our hotel)

      In Chichibu Kogen Farm across the Chichibu District Minano Town and Chichibu Higashichichibu, petri dish in June from mid-May every year - Poppy will bloom.Also, along with the flowering season, product markets are also held.

      Chichibu Kogen Farm (Sai-no-Kuni Fureai Ranch) is at an altitude of 500m.About 10 million poppies, mainly red, fill the site on the plateau where the fresh breeze of early summer blows.

      Address:2949-1 Sakamoto, Higashichibu-mura, Chichibu-gun, Saitama(40 minutes by car from our hotel)
      In the car navigation, enter "poppy in the sky", "Aya no Kuni Fureai Ranch", "Chichibu Kogen Farm"
      *It is recommended that you use the railway because the flowering season will be congested.
      Holding time:Mid-May to early June
    • Mitsumine Shrine  (Approximately 60 minutes by car from our hotel)

      It is a shrine located at Mt Mitsumine Mimine at an altitude of about 1100m.

      Yamato Takeru no Mikoto worshiped the Futahashira (two gods) of Izanagi-no-mikoto and Izanami-no-mikoto. The wolf is worshiped as the god of errand.

      At present, it is gaining popularity as the "Kanto's largest power spot".

      Address:298-1 Mitsumine, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture
      Tel: 0494-55-0241
    • Hoshino taxi  

      Sightseeing in Chichibu Trail is by Hoshino Taxi!

      Owned car:13 Prius α

      Hoshino Taxi started its business in 1928 with one used hood.Many years have passed since then, and we are now the oldest taxi company in Saitama Prefecture, celebrating our 95th anniversary in 2018.From now on, with the motto of "Kindness and Safe Driving", we will send you to your destination with the aim of 100 years of business.

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